September Spotlight: New products, resources, and promotions

See some of our new favorite products from the month of September:


ServSwitch Agility DVI, USB, and Audio Extenders over IP Kit

KVM ServSwitch™Agility™ DVI, USB, and Audio Extenders over IP Kit (ACR1000A): Go farther, do more with digital KVM extension over IP.

AlertWerks™ Environmental Monitoring Expansion Hubs (EME1DC16, EME1X8): Add up to 16 sensors to the AlertWerks ServSensor V4E Hub, even if you don’t have available ports.

Elite™ Cabinet Vertical Jack Panels (ECJACKPANEL46, ECJACKPANEL92): Mount a patch panel on the side of an Elite cabinet rail to save racking space.

Wireless Video Presentation System II (AC1131A): Transform a wired projector into a high-end wireless one—and stream from a PDA.

Secure Device Servers (LES1101A–LES1102A): Conveniently manage devices right over your network.

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One unsecured data port—that’s all it takes

A recent study conducted by HIMSS Analytics™ found that 52% of large hospitals reported a network security breach during the previous year. The HITECH Act requires electronic security for health records—a task that becomes ever more difficult in the face of today’s malware and other advanced threats.

Are you ready for HITECH?

Network access control (NAC) is essential to any complete network security plan. NAC protects your network by preventing unauthorized devices from connecting inside your network through ports or wireless connections. Unknown laptops can plug in, but they can’t connect. Unauthorized wireless devices can see your signal, but they can’t get on—even if they have the password. Continue reading

New Digital Signage Certification Program for Integrators, Resellers

Digital signage has become a very effective way of delivering the right message at the right time. And with the market continuing to expand and grow, my guess is that as a reseller or integrator, you’re still on the hunt for more options to help take your business to the next level.

The challenge for today’s integrators and resellers who want to enter into the digital signage market is one of immersion. You really need a concentrated way to gain a full understanding of what digital signage is all about. It’s because of this need that we felt it necessary to offer a comprehensive educational program to help you understand the digital signage market and what’s required to be successful at it.

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Top 25 in-demand network and IT solutions for federal government agencies

Looking for last-minute ideas to use your year-end budget? Look right here! These technologies, all under $2500.00, ranked as some of the year’s hottest government sellers. For maximum savings and FREE shipping, use our GSA Schedule 70 Contract #GS-35F-0158J.

#25: NEMA-4 Rated Fiber Wallmount Enclosure. Protect your fiber terminations.

#24: SpaceGAIN CAT5e High-Density Feed-Through Patch Panel. Fast patching in only 1U.

#23: CAT6 250-MHz Shielded, Stranded Bulk Cable. Great for noisy environments.

#22: CAT6 EZ-RJ45 Modular Plugs. Make the easiest CAT6 cable terminations ever.

#21: Ceiling Camera Fixture. Install up to 50-pound cameras and detectors in ceilings.

#20: F3X Fiber Fault Finder Gun. Find fiber cable faults fast.

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Conveniently manage devices right over your network

Many network devices have serial console ports to provide secondary access through a serial cable without using the network the device is connected to. The trouble is, though, that everything you do is over the network and you DO want network access to console ports.

Value Line Secure Device ServerYou especially want network access to console ports if you have just one or two devices somewhere at the other end of the building, in the next building over, or a thousand miles away in your Kissimmee office.

Are you going to visit that router in Kissimmee with a laptop and a serial cable?

We don’t think so.

Getting your remote network access to a faraway console port is the job of a device server such as our Value Line Secure Device Server. Just connect the device server to your network and to the console port you wish to access for instant access across your network—even the Internet. And don’t worry about security, the Value Line Secure Device Server may be value priced, but it still comes with a complete set of security features, including SSH encryption, SSH tunneled serial bridging, and more.

The Value Line Secure Device Server comes in 1-port (LES1101A) and 2-port (LES1102A) versions. To learn more, call 888-245-6215 or visit