When every second counts

Do you work for a bank, insurance company, or financial management firm that needs to adhere to good timekeeping practices? Help prevent illegal backdated financial transactions with the Auto-Sync Time Clock. It ensures financial institutions’ compliance with FINRA OATS Rule 7430, and offers the highest-quality OATS-compliant time stamp available.

The time clock automatically syncs directly to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or any other NTP time source. It provides notification of a time synchronization failure via stamp imprint, LCD display, e-mail or SNMP traps, and can schedule up to 12 sync times a day.

With plug-and-play installation set up is quick and easy. You can manage the time clock via a Web browser over your network and configure and manage each clock through its embedded Web server. You can even save files and generate reports on time sync events, which are important for audits.

To learn more, visit blackbox.com/go/AutoSync, where you can also download the free white paper Making Networks Run on Time.


Cabinet Selection Made Easy

Do you dread searching for cabinets because you never seem to find one that fits your needs? There are enough cabinet configurations out there to make anyone’s head spin. Put the confusion to rest and check out our new on-line Cabinet Configurator.

This program makes it easy to select the right cabinet from the thousands of cabinet configurations available. With just a few quick clicks, customers can select base cabinet size and options such as fans, doors, and locks. We also kept your budget in mind and provided a price range box in the upper right hand corner.

In a rush? The best part is most custom cabinet configurations ship within two business days. Many popular configurations are in stock and ship the same day.

Quick and simple, you finally have the ability to see and compare different combinations of cabinets. All and all it takes just 20 seconds to find a cabinet that matches your specifications.

To view the Black Box Cabinet Configurator, visit blackbox.com/go/CabCon.

NEW! Free Network Clock Synchronization white paper

Never take the correct time for granted again when you read this informative white paper explaining how a little-known protocol keeps entire networks on the correct time.

Today’s sophisticated distributed networks rely on precise timekeeping for a multitude of chores such as database coordination, authentication, and archiving. Plus, many industries have standards that require accurate transaction time stamps.

This white paper is an overview of how network time is synchronized using Network Time Protocol (NTP). It discusses how NTP works, explains GPS NTP servers, and discusses getting the correct time on the Internet.

To see all our available white papers, visit: http://www.blackbox.com/resources/tools/white-papers.aspx