Combat security threats, like sneaky snoopers

Need a KVM switch that provides high-level, military-grade security? Even if you don’t work in government, but you need a switch that protects extremely sensitive intellectual property, check out the new line of ServSwitch  Secure KVM switches, particularly ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB. Other solutions on the market use software-based data isolation technology, which introduces the risk of hacking or malware threats. This hardware-based technology eliminates the risk of both intentional and unintentional software corruption that might expose sensitive data.

Available in two- and four-port desktop models for both DVI and VGA, the ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB provides control and separation of two to four PCs connected to both secure and non-secure networks through a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Let’s throw around some problem/solution scenarios that may be running through your mind, and how this new unit tackles them:

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Get a hold of real tough, Heavy-Duty Switches

Unlike the Ethernet switches in your wiring closet or computer center, the Ethernet switches at the edges of your network have to put up with the bumps and dirt that happen out in the real world. When you’re investing several hundred dollars into your network communications, the last thing you want is the environment terrorizing your equipment.

Heavy-Duty Edge Switches come in versions suitable for many different environmental conditions and power types, they can be matched to any location ranging from offices to factory floors—even outdoors with protection from rain and standing water.

Check out the Hardened, Standard, or Extreme versions. Because all three types work together seamlessly, you can use the inexpensive Standard Switches in protected office environments and choose the more robust Hardened or Extreme Heavy-Duty Edge Switches for harsh locations at your network’s edge.

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Let us clean up your closet!

Vote Cabinet Cable Makeover

Wow, did we receive scary photos for our Cable & Cabinet Makeover Contest! We’ve selected five finalists, and now it’s time for YOU to vote. Choose your favorite closet nightmare, the one you think deserves the makeover the most.

Just vote and you’ll be eligible for a chance to win an iPad. Plus, you’ll get 10% off your next Black Box order.

Hurry! Voting ends March 16, 2011.

Cable 911

Why compromise your work by using the wrong length cable? Don’t settle for whatever’s lying around in the back room, especially if it’s way too long. Why use 5-foot cables when you really need 3-foot cables? Plus you risk jeopardizing your network organization and performance. Keep your telecomm rooms and data centers well-organized, good-looking showpieces by using the right length cable.

When you need patch cables right away, call Cable 911 at Black Box!

Cable 911

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Ringing in 2011 with big savings!

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Celebrate the New Year with new products and big savings to get your IT budget off to a great start in 2010.

Get 20.11% off your next order of Black Box® brand products from January 3–7, 2011.

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