Combat security threats, like sneaky snoopers

Need a KVM switch that provides high-level, military-grade security? Even if you don’t work in government, but you need a switch that protects extremely sensitive intellectual property, check out the new line of ServSwitch  Secure KVM switches, particularly ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB. Other solutions on the market use software-based data isolation technology, which introduces the risk of hacking or malware threats. This hardware-based technology eliminates the risk of both intentional and unintentional software corruption that might expose sensitive data.

Available in two- and four-port desktop models for both DVI and VGA, the ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB provides control and separation of two to four PCs connected to both secure and non-secure networks through a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Let’s throw around some problem/solution scenarios that may be running through your mind, and how this new unit tackles them:

Threat: Microprocessor malfunction or unanticipated software bugs cause data to flow between ports. How do you prevent data leaking between ports and to the outside world?
Solution: Unidirectional keyboard and mouse data flow is enforced by hardware “data diodes” so data isolation doesn’t rely on software integrity. This makes it impossible for the computer to send data along the keyboard and mouse signaling channel. This advanced design also ensures data isolation through hardware and prevents the keyboard and mouse interfaces from becoming covert computer-to-computer signaling channels because of software holes or unanticipated bugs.

Threat: Data transfer by means of common storage or common RAM. I don’t want data being stored in the device.
Solution: Shared circuitry and the keyboard and mouse are powered down at each channel change to clear all volatile memory of any previous connections. This erases the entire RAM, preventing residual data from remaining in the channel and being transferred to another computer. In addition, the USB host controller and the shared USB peripherals are also powered down, reset, and re-enumerated. This ensures no residual data transfer.

Threat: No snoopers allowed? Subversive snooping by detecting electromagnetic radiation emitted from the equipment.
Solution: The shielded metal case features double shielding in critical areas and a low emissions profile to thwart eavesdropping.

Threat: What if someone physically tampers with the switch?
Solution: The switch is designed with tamperproof seals to be fitted over the countersunk screws.

Want to evaluate the ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB for yourself? See how it can best beused as a particular high-security application by going to


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