September Spotlight: New products, resources, and promotions

See some of our new favorite products from the month of September:


ServSwitch Agility DVI, USB, and Audio Extenders over IP Kit

KVM ServSwitch™Agility™ DVI, USB, and Audio Extenders over IP Kit (ACR1000A): Go farther, do more with digital KVM extension over IP.

AlertWerks™ Environmental Monitoring Expansion Hubs (EME1DC16, EME1X8): Add up to 16 sensors to the AlertWerks ServSensor V4E Hub, even if you don’t have available ports.

Elite™ Cabinet Vertical Jack Panels (ECJACKPANEL46, ECJACKPANEL92): Mount a patch panel on the side of an Elite cabinet rail to save racking space.

Wireless Video Presentation System II (AC1131A): Transform a wired projector into a high-end wireless one—and stream from a PDA.

Secure Device Servers (LES1101A–LES1102A): Conveniently manage devices right over your network.

DisplayPort Cable (EVNDP01-0003-MM, etc.): The new standard digital video interface that carries audio and video in one cable.

Multi-Format Video Scan Converter (VSC-VGA-TV): Convert high-resolution PC or HDTV video to interlaced Component, Composite, or S-Video.

CAT6 250-MHz Shielded, Stranded Cable SSTP (PIMF), PVC, Brown (EVNSL0272BR-0001, etc.): Double-shielded CAT6 cable for noisy data center and desktop connections.


See our latest technical information below:
Print or e-catalog: Black Box Big Book, 35th Anniversary Edition!
Case Studies: Digital Signage—iCOMPEL™: Virgin Holidays and F3X Fiber Fault Finder Gun: Manufacturing
Certification Programs: Black Box Digital Signage

Click here for information on our New Products Spotlight!


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