New Digital Signage Certification Program for Integrators, Resellers

Digital signage has become a very effective way of delivering the right message at the right time. And with the market continuing to expand and grow, my guess is that as a reseller or integrator, you’re still on the hunt for more options to help take your business to the next level.

The challenge for today’s integrators and resellers who want to enter into the digital signage market is one of immersion. You really need a concentrated way to gain a full understanding of what digital signage is all about. It’s because of this need that we felt it necessary to offer a comprehensive educational program to help you understand the digital signage market and what’s required to be successful at it.

To help our channel partners grow their business in this segment, we collaborated with Brawn Consulting in the development of a new on-line digital signage course. This accredited on-line course is designed to help system integrators and technology resellers like yourself, understand and succeed with digital signage.

The program includes a free accredited on-line course (a $750 value) designed to give you framework and foundation to succeed in the digital signage space. Participants, upon successfully completing the course, earn four renewal (CEU) credits toward their InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS®) certification as well as a number of Black Box incentives.

The self-directed, four-hour course covers, in part:

•  An overview of digital signage as well as the individual segments that make up the industry.
•  An overview of the digital signage marketplace reflected in research and data.
•  The seven key elements of digital signage.
•  Understanding digital signage customers and applications.
•  How to perform a needs analysis (who, what, when, and where).
•  The fundamentals of effective digital signage system design.
•  The locations and environments of digital signage.
•  The essentials of digital signage hardware and software, and how to select vendors.
•  The types of digital signage networks.
•  The sources and types of digital signage content.
•  Fees and service models for digital signage.
•  Digital signage ROI/TCO/ROO.
•  How to sell value in digital signage.

If you’re a system integrator or verified reseller, and are interested in taking this Digital Signage Certification Program, you can apply at or call one of our Digital Signage Success Managers at 724-873-6553.


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