Top 25 in-demand network and IT solutions for federal government agencies

Looking for last-minute ideas to use your year-end budget? Look right here! These technologies, all under $2500.00, ranked as some of the year’s hottest government sellers. For maximum savings and FREE shipping, use our GSA Schedule 70 Contract #GS-35F-0158J.

#25: NEMA-4 Rated Fiber Wallmount Enclosure. Protect your fiber terminations.

#24: SpaceGAIN CAT5e High-Density Feed-Through Patch Panel. Fast patching in only 1U.

#23: CAT6 250-MHz Shielded, Stranded Bulk Cable. Great for noisy environments.

#22: CAT6 EZ-RJ45 Modular Plugs. Make the easiest CAT6 cable terminations ever.

#21: Ceiling Camera Fixture. Install up to 50-pound cameras and detectors in ceilings.

#20: F3X Fiber Fault Finder Gun. Find fiber cable faults fast.

#19: CPU Security Cabinets. Keep prying fingers away from your CPUs.

#18: AlertWerks™ ServSensor V4E Hub. Real-time monitoring and alerting system.

#17: Outlet-Managed PDU. Switch and manage network power and devices remotely.

#16: Custom Elite™ Cabinets. Custom enclosures without the custom price

#15: 10-/100-Mbps Copper to 100-Mbps Multimode Fiber. Bring fiber to the desktop.

#14: Hardened Media Converter Switches. Convert copper to fiber in harsh environments.

#13: Managed Fiber Switch. A flexible modular switch that stands up to tough environments.

#12: LinkGain Ethernet Extender over VDSL. Extend your LAN up to 50 Mbps.

#11: Value Line Secure Device Server. Conveniently manage devices over your network.

#10: iCOMPEL™ HD Digital Signage Appliance (160 GB). Broadcast two HD video zones!

#9: MediaCento™ RF. Use low-cost coax to broadcast to multiple HDTV screens.

#8: Multi DVI Extender over CATx Transmitter. Multi-DVI-D series extenders.

#7: RGBHV/Stereo-Audio Fiber Extender. Special pricing of $2499.95.

#6: FiberPath™ Kit. No interference, high bandwidth, and low cost for CCTV to fiber.

#5: ServSwitch Freedom™. Switch between four separate computer systems.

#4: ServSwitch Agility™ DVI. Digital KVM extension over IP.

#3: ServSwitch™ Secure Plus. Get the added security of a built-in card reader.

#2: ServView™ V 8-Port KVM. Rackmountable, dual-rail 1U console drawers.

#1: VirtuaCore Kits. Turn one CPU into multiple workstations.

For more information on our GSA programs, download our GSA terms and conditions or contact us.


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