Wireless presenting – The ultimate in meeting collaboration

Our VGA Wireless Video Presentation System is back and better than ever! Stop swapping cables every time an individual is ready to present. Go wireless! If you have a meeting room with a VGA projector and you want a roomful of people to have a simple way to share their screens with others, then this affordable, plug-and-play receiver is your solution.

This latest version of the popular Wi-Fi receiver not only supports presentation sharing through 4-to-1 split-screen and 1-to-4 projection, it also provides 802.11n Wi-Fi support—delivering up to five times the throughput and greater range of earlier Wi-Fi technology. The 802.11b/g/n compatibility means it can communicate with the latest mobile devices, too. This includes computers, PDA’s or any wireless mobile hand held device running with windows mobile. Plus, the system works as a wireless access point, so laptop users can even access and stream information from the Internet or a wireless LAN.

Ideal for college classrooms, auditoriums, business meetings, places of worship, presentations, and video conferencing. It even boasts a range of 300 feet and includes a kit that contains the necessary equipment for wall mounting. For more information on this simple way to improve collaboration in large meeting rooms, go to blackbox.com/go/VPS or watch the demo video below.


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