“You Know You’re In AV If…” contest winners announced

AV-CongratsDavid Diaz

of Chicago, Illinois

He’s the grand prize winner in the Black Box® “You know you’re in AV if…” contest. David wins an Apple® iPad®! His answer was voted the most popular out of hundreds of entries.

David said: “You know you’re in AV if you refer to puppies as subwoofers.”

A total of 10 prizes will be going to the top 10 vote-getters, with the four top runner-up winners receiving a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and the five second runner-up winners receiving a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Winners will be notified by phone and will receive their prizes shortly.

You know you’re in AV if…

#2…when asked what you are watching you reply, “1080p.”

#3...the main reason you want to build a house is so you can properly cable every room.

#4…you punish your kids by hiding all the HDMI cables for a week.

#5…you need to implement 16:9 projects on a 4:3 budget.

#6…you know the aspect ratio of the walls in your home.

#7…your New Year’s resolution is 3840 x 2160.

#8...your conversations about “throw” and “pitch” have nothing to do with baseball.

#9…you wish the sunset you’re looking at had a better contrast ratio.

#10…you dream in HD.

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries and voted!


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