Vote for your favorite! “You know you’re in AV if…”

AV Contest VoteFrom hundreds of contest entries, we have narrowed down the list to 15 finalsts! Your vote, as well as the votes of others, will help determine the Top 10 winners of our “You know you’re in AV if…” contest. Our top 15 finalists:

You know you’re in AV if…
…when asked what you are watching, you reply, “1080p.”
…your tape measure is marked in pixel increments.
…you have nightmares about test patterns.
…you need to implement 16:9 solutions on a 4:3 budget.
…you punish your kids by hiding all the HDMI cables for a week.
…everything can be reduced to five classical elements: earth, water, air, fire, and pixels.
…the main reason you want to build a house is so you can properly cable every room.
…you dream in HD.
…you have attempted to tow your work van out of the mud with RG-6.
…you know the aspect ratio of the walls in your home.
…you refer to puppies as subwoofers.
…you think a 55″ TV makes a great babysitter.
…you wish the sunet you were looking at had a better contrast ratio.
…your New Year’s resolution was 2560 x 2048.
…your discussions about “throw” and “pitch” have nothing to do with major league baseball.

Please vote for the funniest or most original entry by clicking through to our ballot. But hurry! Voting ends May 16th.


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