Popular Data Center Cooling Solutions webinar now on demand

Cooling webinar

“Outstanding presentation. First time I’ve been able to write/say this in years. Bravo! And thank you.” -Toni Rosen, President, TRG Networking

Our Data Center Cooling Solutions webinar is now available on demand!

The webinar, presented by Infrastructure Sales Manager Kevin Jackson, covers current trends in data centers, including higher densities and energy consumption, as well as passive liquid cooling, hot aisle/cold aisle, climate-controlled cabinets, best practices, and more.

Jackson discusses five case studies that illustrate various data center configurations, their cooling challenges, and innovative solutions that address these issues. The webinar is designed for IT professionals and data center managers who want to explore current data center cooling options and find out which solution may be best for their situation.

“The average operating cost of data centers has grown three times faster than capital investment in new IT equipment. We’ll talk about how can you address this issue through intelligent cooling,“ Jackson said.

For more information on our data center cooling solutions, to watch the webinar, or to download the cooling brochure, visit www.blackbox.com/go/Cooling.


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