Is digital signage right for you?

Putting aside all the “buzz and hype” about digital signage, when it comes right down to it, you may still be wondering if it’s right for you, your business, or your organization. As a basic guide, if you answer yes to any of the following questions, chances are, it’s something to consider more closely:
  • Are you spending money printing posters, flyers, and other paper-based signage that have to be updated or changed on a periodic (weekly, monthly, yearly) basis?
  • Do you have to distribute marketing and communications materials to multiple departments, offices, or stores on a regular basis—and are you often unsure if these materials are being promptly displayed or distributed?
  • Do you feel you’re missing opportunities to educate visitors and passive audiences (i.e., those in your lobby, reception areas, or other areas where they wait) about what you have to offer?
  • Do you often feel your target audience (internal or external) is beginning to ignore existing methods of communications (traditional signage, static retail PoS/PoP or trade show displays, loudspeaker announcements, and even e-mail and other forms of electronic notification)?
  • Do you feel your existing channels for emergency notification are lacking and if a critical situation arises, warnings will be ignored or drowned out by the noise of competing media?
  • Do you feel all of these deficiencies will only worsen over time and that by not embracing newer forms of communications, you’ll be perceived as being out of touch with customer needs?

You may have already entertained these questions and decided to move forward with a plan to implement digital signage. You may even beDigital Signage Design and Sourcing Guide shopping for the system at this time. If you are like the majority of people considering digital signage, you have discovered that the marketplace is filled with vendors coming out of the woodwork touting their technologies and software as the latest and greatest solution. Evaluating the competing systems can be a daunting task.

If this is not complex enough, you also have to determine whether a given supplier will meet your specific needs not only in products but also selection, availability, price, and service after the sale. Black Box can help you no matter where you are in the deployment cycle or what your level of technical or creative expertise is. We can also work with your determined budget. For more information, engage with one of our digital signage success managers at 724-873-6553 or download our White Paper on The Roadmap to Digital Signage Success.


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