How do you compare to other executives in the cloud, social, and mobile frontiers?

For the second year in a row, Black Box made the InformationWeek 500 list of the nation’s most innovative users of business technology.

In the latest issue of their magazine, InformationWeek surveyed over 500 executives. Through this survey they were able to identify the top IT initiatives from 2011 to 2012.

In terms of cloud adoption, 85% of executives said they’re using software-as-a-service (SSaS), as opposed to just 79% in 2011. In 2011, 19% we’re using platform-as-a-service (Microsoft Windows Azure, Google App Engine, etc.). That number increased to 27% in 2012.

Also growing is social strategy. 55% of executives allow unfiltered customer comments via social networks or a website. Sentiment analytics programs used to track comments on social networks are now used by 29% of executives. Close to 70% of executives said they have, or are in pilot testing for, an internal social network for employee use only. Three quarters of those surveyed said they have no plans to block employees’ access to public social networking sites.

The survey also broke down the top three areas of innovation in 2012: Making business processes more efficient (49%), introducing new IT-led products and services for customers (46%), and getting better business intelligence to more employees, more quickly (40%).

This year, 68% of executives plan to exceed their 2011 spending budget. 22% surveyed said their IT spending would say the same, and less than 10% announced they would decrease their budget.

IT’s main contribution to business growth from 2011-2012 was developing a revenue-generating product or service (53% and 58%, respectively). Other contributions included embedding their IT intellectual property into a new product or service (44% in 2011 and 51% in 2012).

Over one third of the executives said that they provide mobile apps for their customers. Over half stated that they have limited to full deployment of mobile apps for employee use. 12% said they are still in pilot testing.

How does your company compare? Are they pushing for investments in the cloud, social and mobile industry?


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