11 quick-start questions to answer when planning your digital signage application

We’re experienced at putting users in touch with a digital signage solution that fits their needs. To be sure you’re matched to the right platform, we highly recommend speaking with us by phone (1-877-877-2269). But before you call, we advise you to try and answer as many questions as possible below, and check off what features you think you might need:
  1. How many screens do you intend to have?
  2. Will the screens have the same or different content?
  3. How many locations, and what are the distances to these locations?
  4. Who is the audience who will be viewing the signage? Customer, employees, visitors, or all of these groups?
  5. What information do you want to communicate? Advertising, current information (new, weather, internal data), personalized message (“Welcome, Mr. Smith”), instructions (directions, schedules)?
  6. What is the purpose of this installation? Selling a product or service, informing an audience (wayfinding), entertaining the viewer (i.e. those waiting in line), reinforcing a theme?
  7. What existing media assets do you want to redeploy? Web information, system data (inventory or production numbers), existing ads (video, print, Web formats), and/or live TV feeds?
  8. Where does information come from, and from how many contributors? Do multiple people/departments need to submit information, and if so, where are they located? Who is the “owner” of information? Are third-party suppliers involved (for instance, an ad agency?)
  9. How often will this information be updated? Constant updates (system status, live messages, etc.) or periodic updates (for instance, video files with low refresh cycles)?
  10. What types of displays will be required? What sizes, resolutions, and screen orientations?
  11. How will the monitors and digital signage players be mounted? On the ceiling, wall, floor, or in a rack?

For more tips on planning your digital signage application, visit our Digital Signage Microsite.


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