BT releases survey on BYOD risks

BT (British Telecom) recently issued a report, “Rethink the Risk,” which contains the results of a survey of more than 2,000 IT decision-makers around the world. According to the research, the three biggest risks are cyber security threats, accidental or intentional employee data loss, and the increased use of personal devices on employers’ networks.

BYOD presents IT managers with a new set of security issues. Four out of ten IT managers say they have experienced security breaches from employees bringing in unauthorized devices. The research shows that 82% of companies already allow BYOD or will allow it within the next 24 months. Interestingly, BYOD usage is especially high in China (92%) and India (80%). Of those companies with a BYOD policy, security was by far the biggest challenge (74%).

Survey respondents rated the following threat areas as challenging or very challenging:
Cybersecurity: 68%
Preventing data leaked by employees: 68%
Increasing use of personally owned devices and social media sites: 61%
Preventing or fixing weaknesses with our business systems: 57%
Security in supply chain systems: 57%
Industrial or state-sponsored espionage: 53%

For more information on how you can adapt your wireless infrastructure for the BYOD trend, read our latest brochure on The Changing Wi-Fi Landscape.


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