The 3 biggest mistakes made in wireless deployment

Planning to deploy a wireless network? Avoid these three mistakes!

1. Planning for coverage rather than capacity.
A wireless network may have sufficient coverage in the sense that the signal reaches the intended area. However, if there are too many users, the network will become overwhelmed and slow.

LESSON: Count square footage and users.

2. Ignoring differences in power requirements.
Some wireless devices, particularly smartphones and tablet computers, require a higher signal strength to connect. Planning a wireless network with only laptop computers in mind may leave some users hanging.

LESSON: Not all wireless devices are equal.

3. Not distinguishing between user and device
Because mobile devices are subject to malware, good security policy is to grant separate levels of authorization based on both user and device. For instance, a person on a company-owned laptop may be granted a higher level of access than the same person on a personal smartphone.

LESSON: You may trust the person, but do you trust their phone?

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