Making the switch from analog to digital video in your KVM environment

Video standards are changing rapidly, from analog to digital. Are you beginning to see more DVI-based monitors in your workplace? What’s the right way to make certain that you’re using this new technology correctly, and getting the greatest advantage from it?

There are some very clear advantages to switching to digital. We can help you make the most of DVI technologies, by providing you with the technical resources to avoid costly pitfalls, and the solutions that enable you to implement DVI to your best advantage.

Digital provides sharper, less vulnerable images
Digital signals are more accurate than analog because the square digital wave shape offers multiple places to read the signal and is more accurate than the sine-like analog signal. Digital signals are also far less vulnerable to EMI and RFI interference, especially when fiber cable is used to transmit the signals.

As a result, all types of systems and KVM switches are moving from HD15 or VGA connectors to DVI connectors. The DVI connectors can support either digital-only or analog-and-digital signals, depending on the pinning. DVI-I supports both analog and digital signals while DVI-D supports digital only.

Digital provides upside for higher resolutions
While it’s true that analog video has been stretched to higher resolutions, the image quality became dependent on many physical factors of the transmission link, and hence more vulnerable to distortion and signal degradation.

Upgrading to digital video brings higher resolutions, usually about 1920 x 1200, at a consistent level of sharpness. Using dual-link video effectively doubles the power of transmission and provides an increase in speed and signal quality. Dual-link video resolutions can display resolutions of 2048 x 1536 or even 2560 x 1600. This resolution is supported on high-definition displays, such as 30″ LCD monitors and digital signage displays.

ServSwitch Agility

ServSwitch Agility DVI, USB, and Audio Extenders over IP Kit

Digital supports greater distances, too.
DVI-D extenders reach up to 460 feet over CATx cable and up to 40 km over single-mode fiber. These distances will improve as the technology for extending signals improves.

Black Box offers a number of products for digital video extension, including ServSwitch™ DKM switches and extenders the ServSwitch Agility, and the ServSwitch Wizard Dual-Link DVI.

For questions about DVI or making the most of digital video in your KVM environment, talk to a Black Box pre-sales engineer today: 724-746-5500.


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