Black Box Cable ETL and Burn Testing

This is the fifth and last post in our series on counterfeit and substandard cable.

Because of all the publicity counterfeit and substandard cable has garnered, especially in the past year, we want to explain how Black Box addresses performance and safety issue through ETL Verification and independent burn testing.

Every three months, an independent Intertek inspector visits us. He goes into our warehouse where he randomly selects  GigaBase® CAT5e and GigaTrue® CAT6 channel components for ETL testing. To ensure that “good” product isn’t pulled only from the most popular items, he mixes up his product selection. In one visit, he may choose green jacks to be tested with white cable. The next, he may choose gray cable and yellow jacks. The items are then sealed up and sent to the ETL lab for testing.

At the same time, he also pulls two CMP cables, 1 CMR cable, and 1 CM cable, which Black Box sends to an independent testing burn facility to verify that the bulk cable meets the safely listing marked on the cable jacket.

For more information on our ETL Verified and burn-tested cable, you can go to our product pages for CAT5e and CAT6 cable:
GigaBase CAT5e Cable (EYN844A-PB-1000–EYN861A-PB-1000 series)
GigaTrue CAT6 Cable (EYN864A-PB-1000–EYN881A-PB-1000 series)

Want to verify it for yourself? We receive the results every quarter. If you want more information on our test results, please contact Tech Support.


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