“Removal only with approval” – New locking patch cables

We’ve focused on the importance of network security before, and if you remember, it all starts with getting physical. Now you can boost your physical network security starting at the port. Here’s one of the simplest and inexpensive, yet most effective ways you can increase your Layer 1 security. Lock up your network ports with LockPORT Security Locking Patch Cables. They stay locked in place until you take them out. Or, as Christina Hansen from CableOrganizer.com’s Product Showcase says, “removal only with approval.”

If people—whether they’re personnel, visitors, or those with evil on their mind—can’t disconnect your network cables, they can’t tamper with your network and bring it down. Another danger to your network are cable connections that work loose over time or are accidentally knocked out. Loose and poor cable connections are one of the biggest causes of network downtime. And, it’s why the first question Help Desk technicians ask is: “Did you check the cable connection?” Whether from accidental or intentional disconnects, once your network goes down, you could spend hours and hours trying to pinpoint where the problem lies.

Two levels of security
LockPORT gives you two different locking cable choices. Both feature the same patented LockPORT boot. What differs are the patented clip inserts. Best of all, the clips are interchangeable so if you’re application changes, all you do is move a clip from one cable to another instead of buying more cables.

For absolute port security, choose the red Key Locking cable. It secures cables in place and can only be removed by you with the Removal Tool. This is the “removal only with approval” lock.

To prevent accidental disconnects, but to give people access to ports, use the green Secure Locking cable. It holds the cable in place and eliminates disconnects from jostling and general wear and tear.

Publicly perfect.
Use LockPORT cables to prevent network tampering in public areas like hospitals, airports, hotels, and shops. It’s perfect for educational settings as well, providing a foolproof way to secure network connections in classrooms and training rooms. And, it’s a great and inexpensive way to turn your CAT5e/6 and fiber cables into a Layer 1 security tool.

See how LockPORT cables can secure your network ports in the video below:


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  1. Hi nice video, thanks for sharing.


  2. hey frnd.. i got some new form ths blog …thanks for shairing it…

  3. Cat6 Patch Cables,
    That’s great to hear. Thanks for your comment!

  4. I have actually converted my Cat5e cables into a layer 1 security tool by these LockPORT… It has been a remarkable product that have provide me with a secured network connection in my office…

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