New upgrade available for iCOMPEL users

Digital signage is fascinating. No other medium makes it possible to deliver compelling content at the right location at the right time. And, if you’re a fan of our award-winning iCOMPEL™ digital signage solution, you’ll be happy to know that the new V8.1.1 release is here! Better manage your content through our new features below:

Add remote control functionality to your iCOMPEL
Do you log into a GUI to change what’s playing on the screen? Control the content on your iCOMPEL digital signage easily with this handheld remote control unit. Just press a button on the IR remote to change a video or TV channel, or to turn the volume up or down. It’s great for quickly accessing content to show to important customers or for giving local users (receptionists near your screens, for instance) an easy way to change content themselves.

Distribute iCOMPEL content wirelessly to your digital signage

iCOMPEL Wi-Fi Module

iCOMPEL Wi-Fi Module

Looking at setting up digital signage in areas not easily reached by conventional network cabling? Or are you simply seeking a way to back up wired player links to ensure continuous signage uptime? Then go wireless by adding this iCOMPEL Wi-Fi Module to a new or an existing iCOMPEL player. This module is perfect for signage in historic buildings where cables would be unsightly, or buildings with ornate marble, brick, or similarly finished surfaces. Need rapid deployment? Think wireless so it won’t disrupt nearby operations.

Remote setup capability through iCOMPEL iDM
Use multiple iCOMPEL units with an iCOMPEL Deployment Manager (iDM). This enables setup and configuration settings to be copied and updated remotely through the iDM network configuration tool—which further simplifies large deployments.

Support for Internet Explorer® 9 (IE9)
Now you can use the latest browser, and your iCOMPEL system will work with Web pages designed for IE9 compatibility.

For more information on the V8.1.1 release, as well as instruction how to access the firmware, see our updated ReadMe file.

Want to share your iCOMPEL success story? We’re always looking for great case studies to share customer successes. Please e-mail the details to


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