Guest wireless networks are easier than you think

The proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers has led to the demand for Internet access everywhere. This has many organizations scrambling to provide Wi-Fi Internet access for both employees and visitors. The problem is that secure, reliable wireless guest access can be challenging if you have a “traditional” wireless network that consists of simple access points connected to a wired network.

If you remember from our previous post, separating your wireless network from your wired network is essential to keeping your information secure. This configuration is a major project. You have to reconfigure the network architecture so you can connect access points to a separate LAN using a firewall’s DMZ port.

Another problem for traditional wireless networks is how to provide transitions across different subnets. For instance, a person walking through a building while using a smartphone will find that a new login is required every time the phone moves into the range of another access point on a different subnet—hardly mobile access.

There is an easier way: Choose an enterprise wireless system that integrates these functions. For instance, you can use an enterprise-grade mesh wireless system with intelligent access points that creates a guest network by enforcing policy at the network’s edge—no controller is required, and the firewall is located at the ingress point of the access point itself.

These mesh access points also communicate with each other to ensure seamless transitions when a wireless device moves from one access point to another on different subnets. Users experience fewer dead spots—so no more huddling under an access point to get a good signal. Allow your users to get the “wherever, whenever” access they demand. For more info, please visit

SmartPath Wireless

SmartPath Wireless

SmartPath Enterprise Wireless Brochure
White Paper: Wireless Standards, Installation, Security and More!
White Paper: Selecting a Wireless Technology


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