Desktop Virtualization – More seats, fewer computers!

Stretching your IT budget is a daunting task. How can you provide the equipment your users need while still maintaining costs?

Desktop virtualization is a computer-sharing technology that takes the excess capacity of a single CPU and enables it to simultaneously operate multiple, fully functioning workstations. This computer-sharing technology is invaluable for putting more access to computers in front of more people at a minimum cost, especially in education.

Black Box’s VirtuaCore Computer Share uses virtual machine-style technology that leads to space, energy, and hardware savings. It segments a dual-core processor into two separate, independent drives controlled by two individual keyboards, mice, and monitors. The quad-core version provisions a single machine into four individual drives, providing full functionality for four users sharing the same CPU tower, each with a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse.

It isn’t a thin client solution. It doesn’t need the help of servers! It’s a true CPU sharing technology that provides users with the speed and resolution they need.

Lower your organization’s carbon footprint…Go green!

  • Fewer computers = Lower number of computers that need to be manufactured and shipped.
  • Fewer running PCs = Lower energy costs. Between 60 and 70 percent less!
  • VirtuaCore software and cards are reusable.

$ Savings for you $

  • Dramatically expand access to CPU resources for multiple users without the cost of investing in separate computers
  • Less hardware costs + fewer support people + more space
  • Affordable for educational settings, where budget is tight

Desktop virtualization is becoming ever more popular. In a report done by Gartner, Inc. in 2009, the virtual desktop market is going to explode through 2013. By utilizing desktop virtualization now, you are not only lowering ongoing PC costs, but also are giving students and employees greater access to technology.

Shopping around? Unlike other CPU-sharing solutions, VirtuaCore ensures the legality of all licensed software in use to eliminate the risk of severe legal action and/or financial penalties as a result of unauthorized software sharing. Separate software license keys are required for each instance of the licensed product in use on the shared machine, just as if it were two or four separate computers. Meanwhile, attached peripherals are accessible by each user on the shared CPU.

Make learning fun

Studies show that learning increases when technology is effectively integrated with curriculum. The VirtuaCore system is ideal for K–12 or higher ed classroom settings because it supports open source teaching. This allows the instructor to access freeware resources on-line or on one drive and push them out to all four users. In the classroom, a teacher can also use this system to control, view, and lock the other VirtuaCore computers in the classroom, allowing him or her to show the lesson or examples on student screens or view students’ work on the instructor’s machine.

An IT administrator’s dream

For administrators, VirtuaCore also makes IT management fast and easy, allowing updates and software patches to be quickly replicated across each individually provisioned drive, instead of requiring a time-consuming manual installation on each drive.

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