Put IT where you need it without installing power

Ethernet cable that meets CAT5 (or better) standards consists of four twisted pairs of cable. With PoE you can send both data and power over the same cable to PoE-enabled devices, making it an economical solution.

There are two types of devices involved in PoE configurations: Powered Devices (PD) and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). PDs are pieces of equipment like surveillance cameras, sensors, wireless access points, and other devices that receive power via PoE. PSEs, which include end-span and mid-span devices, provide power to PDs over the Ethernet cable. A PoE PD access point derives its power from the PoE PSE Ethernet backhaul link.

So, what does that mean for you?
Cost and time savings, a great ROI, and more convenience.

PoE is perfect for wireless access points, video surveillance, security cameras, building management, retail video kiosks, and more, making it possible to easily install or move a device with minimum disruption and without having to get into a big electrical installation. PoE is also the answer if you’re doing a high-density phone conversion from keyed phones to VoIP phones. There’s a much lower installation cost—all you need to do is provide the Ethernet connection.

Using PoE can save hundreds of dollars per Wi-Fi access point (AP) location compared to a non-PoE solution. In a non-PoE installation, in addition to the Ethernet backhaul link, power must be wired to the access point. Depending on factors such as AP location, distance from the AC circuit, and local safety codes, the savings from using a PoE solution can be $250-$500 per AP. In harsh, outdoor, or industrial environments, you can save $750-$1500 per AP by using PoE.


What are PoE Mid-Span Injectors?
They are the quick, safe, and effective way to add PoE to your network without the cost and hassle of installing AC power at remote cameras, door scanners, etc. Use them to power various VoIP phones, security system cameras, wireless network access points, Bluetooth access points, and other 802.3af- or 802.3at-compatible equipment. And there’s no need to buy a PoE switch!

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