Digital Signage Education Forum at DSE 2011

Want to see how digital signage enhances the customer experience? Looking to set up and manage a digital signage network but would like objective advice on dealing with the challenges ahead? Then don’t miss the PRI Digital Signage End User Education Forum at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo 2011 in Las Vegas.

The educational event is co-sponsored by us and other leading digital signage providers. It will be conducted by the Platt Retail Institute (PRI), industry-leading experts in research and consulting to retailers and other businesses seeking to impact the customer in-store experience.

Forum participants will:

  • Learn about the driving forces fueling the growth of the digital signage market.
  • Understand the challenges involved in deploying and managing a digital signage market.
  • Learn about effective campus communications, including case studies presented by Santa Clara University, Western Kentucky University, and the University of Illinois.
  • Interact with retail digital signage users, including those from Wal-Mart®, Lowe’s®, and Meijer®, as they describe their network challenges and opportunities.
  • Discover how AT&T® uses marketing technology to influence the customer path to purchase.

The best part is that the forum is offered to qualified end users for FREE! For more information and to register for the Digital Signage Education Forum at DSE 2011 noon–6 p.m. February 22 event, visit


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