Cheap cable is no bargain!

It’s estimated that up to 20% of the cable for sale is now unsafe, unapproved, or counterfeit. Chances are that you’ve bought illegitimate cable and haven’t even realized it! Cheap cable can really hurt you (literally) in the long run. Let’s take a trip back in time to 1980. Remember the MGM Grand fire in Las Vegas? The fire spread so rapidly that eighty-four people perished. An electrical ground fault was to blame. What if counterfeit cable causes an accident where you work?

Below we’ve listed a few pro-tips of what are the sure signs of counterfeit or cheap cable:

  1. Look for the UL number. If there is no UL umber, that’s an instant tip-off. Even if there is a UL number, look it up to see if it’s legit.
  2. Look for the ETL logo. Ask the seller for the ETL test results and check the ETL website.
  3. How is the printing? Is it poorly done on the box and cable?
  4. Check for product manuals. Legitimate products will always include brochures or manuals.
  5. Does the color match previous bought cable?
  6. Compare the weight to cable you know performs up to standard.

Use these tips when you shop around for your next batch of cable. The last thing we want is for you to get burned on counterfeit cable. For more information and tips on how to avoid unsafe cable, listen to our “Complete Cabling Solutions” podcast, coming soon. [UPDATE: Podcast is now available. Click on the “Podcasts” section of the blog.]

Do you have any cable horror stories? Share it with us so we can pass your wisdom on to others!


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