Digital Signage 2010 Virtual Conference and Expo Thursday November 18!

You may already know us as a premier provider of cabling, infrastructure, KVM, networking, and voice solutions. But did you know we’re also fast becoming a leader in digital signage and AV distribution technologies? Join us on November 18th at Digital Signage 2010, an innovative virtual conference for digital signage professionals. Sponsored by NewBay Media and InfoComm, the expo will be conducted exclusively on-line, and is free of charge to all attendees. Once registered, you can visit our exhibit booth, chat with experts, download reference material, and exchange ideas and network socially in the expo’s virtual “lounge.”

To register go to:

Prospective customers can sign in, browse our digital signage related resources, and chat with and ask questions of Brian Kutchma, George Borden, Steve Acquista, and Josh Selkovits (our newest digital signage inside sales rep).


One Response

  1. I love virtual conferences. An easy way of finding out the latest information and making decisions.

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