One unsecured data port—that’s all it takes

A recent study conducted by HIMSS Analytics™ found that 52% of large hospitals reported a network security breach during the previous year. The HITECH Act requires electronic security for health records—a task that becomes ever more difficult in the face of today’s malware and other advanced threats.

Are you ready for HITECH?

Network access control (NAC) is essential to any complete network security plan. NAC protects your network by preventing unauthorized devices from connecting inside your network through ports or wireless connections. Unknown laptops can plug in, but they can’t connect. Unauthorized wireless devices can see your signal, but they can’t get on—even if they have the password.

Veri-NAC 5250

Veri-NAC 5250

You may think that network access control is too expensive and too complicated to be practical.Think again! Veri-NAC is affordable, one-box vulnerability and network access control. It doesn’trequire you to install agents or upgrade your infrastructure. And its easy point-and-click interface means you can implement it without specialized training or an extensive IT staff.

Frankly, we think Veri-NAC is pretty amazing. And we’re not the only ones—Veri-NAC was named one of the 20 most influential technology products of the last 20 years by SC Magazine.

For more information on the Veri-NAC product line visit Want to learn more about the basics of network access control? Download our free white paper.


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