Switch between four separate computer systems just by moving a mouse

Directors of command and control centers listen up. Now switching between four separate ServSwitch Freedomcomputer systems is as simple as moving a mouse from one monitor to another! The new ServSwitch Freedom™ enables a single user to access information and control operations across numerous systems and screens. Before, desks were messy and time was wasted trying to control multiple systems and screens. With just one USB keyboard and USB mouse, it can fulfill functions that previously required four separate sets.

The ServSwitch Freedom features True Emulation technology, which ensures that the full characteristics of the connected USB keyboard and mouse are passed to every system.

This versatile product is also ideal for professionals in command and control applications, such as those in finance on a trading room floor. Not only can users switch between several computers just by moving the mouse with the Glide and Switch feature, they can also simultaneously access a mix of USB peripherals, including high-speed USB 2.0 devices.

The keyboard/mouse, audio, and the two individual USB channels can be collectively or separately switched through to each computer system. You can, for instance, create e-mails on one system, listen to audio on a second system, print from a third computer, and scan documents on another—all at the same time.

Even better, there’s no need to install any software on the connected computers. Because there is no software involved, security issues are minor, which can be a real concern for those of you in government, healthcare, and banking industries.

Stop wasting valuable time and space. To learn more about the ServSwitch Freedom, call 888-327-3114 or visit http://www.blackbox.com/go/Freedom.


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