August Spotlight: New Products, Promotions, White Papers

Put new technologies to work for you. Check out some of our new favorite products from the month of August. All designed to improve communications, productivity, and security.

10-GbE Distribution-Style Fiber Optic Cable (EXP10G012A): Laser-optimized OM3 tight-buffered bulk and zipcord cable.

ServSwitch™ DKM DVI-D KVM Switch, 8 Users to 8 CPUs (ACX0808): One switch that does it all—four modes of switching, plus extension over CATx or fiber.

USB Laptop Console Crash Cart Adapter (KVT100A): Gives you a fast, easy way to log in to a server or computer to troubleshoot or service a system after a crash.

ServSwitch Universal Extender (ACU8000A): Extend it all—dual-head video, audio, USB, and RS-232—up to 400 feet over CATx cable.

NEMA-4 Rated Fiber Panel, 2-Port (JPM4001A): Protect your fiber terminations in damp environments.

Optical Time-Domain Reflector (OTDR), Multimode, 18/22 db, 7-m Dead Zone (FOTDRM-100)
: Pinpoint trouble areas by detecting light loss.

ServSwitch Freedom™ (KV0004A): Switching between four separate computer systems is as simple as moving a mouse from one monitor to another.

Multi-Format Video Scan Converter (VSC-VGA-TV): Convert high-resolution PC or HDTV video to interlaced Component, Composite, or S-Video.

Outlet-Managed Power Controller (MPSH8-S20-120V): Remotely switch and manage power for one network device or multiple devices.

Standard Travel Cable Kit (RET-STND-KIT): Retractable cables make the perfect traveling companions.

Wizard Multimedia Extender LP (AVU4001A): Reduce cable clutter and improve ease of installation with this economical USB line-powered VGA extender.

802.3af PoE Gigabit Injector, 1-Port (LPJ001A-F): A single-port PoE injector that supports Gigabit Ethernet data.

802.3af PoE Gigabit Injector, 16-Port (LPJ016A-F): A 16-port PoE injector for reliably powering multiple PoE devices. Also available in  a 24-port.

802.3at PoE Gigabit Injector, 1-Port (LPJ001A-T): Gigabit speed plus extra power for high-wattage devices.

These products can be found in our newest addition of the Black Big Book. This 712-page book gives you everything you need to build, manage, optimize, and secure your network. The 2010 edition drops September 1st. Reserve your free copy now!


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