Thinking about buying a cabinet? Now’s the time!

Buying heavy or oversized items? Order by August 20, and Black Box will pay HALF your motor freight costs on oversized items, including cabinets and racks. Plus you’ll get FREE ground shipping on all other products. Don’t miss this rare chance to save on shipping for even oversized items!

Here’s just a sample of the items you can save on:

Visit to see our more than 118,000 networking and infrastructure solutions. Then use promo code P109 when your order at or by calling 877-877-2269. Take advantage of these extra-special shipping savings!


3 Responses

  1. George,

    I will forward your request on to our Customer Sales & Services team. I will CC you on the e-mail. Thanks for reaching out and good luck with the project!

  2. I work at LaSalle Nuclear Power Plant in Illinois where’re installing an upgrade to the plant to install 300 cameras. LaSalle previously created an Engineering Change package to install numerous Elite cabinets for this upgrade back in 2008. The project was placed on hold awaiting funds which are now available to continue with the upgrade, but the elite cabinets are now obsolete. It appears that Scott Donahue an engineer from the architectural firm of Sargent & Lundy whom is working under Exelon to create a new engineering package consulted your staff and received replacement cabinets with the following cabinet part numbers (45U Cabinet P/N EC45U3032TPMSSNK, 24U Cabinet P/N EC24U3032TPMSSNK). The previous obsolete cabinet part numbers are (45U Cabinet P/N 525079-ST-R2, 24U Cabinet P/N 525061-ST-R2). I work as an electrical engineer for Exelon Corporation and are requesting the catalog sheets providing overall dimensions, material and other associated information available for the new cabinets. This will allow me to design mounting details for the new cabinets allowing our maintenance groups to install them into the plant. So, please e-mail me back the requested information along with a phone number to discuss additional technical questions about the new cabinets and also for purchasing of the complete hardware needed.

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