Veri-NAC™: The one-box vulnerability and network access control

In “The importance of protecting business critical company information,” Martin Lynch addresses the importance of protecting your company’s information. Network breaches are on the rise, and guarding private information is getting increasingly more difficult each year. Stop and think, could your company be vulnerable?

Don’t let your network be susceptible to a rogue laptop connection or unauthorized wireless access point. Prevent breaches with Veri-NAC (versions 5200, 5250, 5400, 5600, 5800) an easy-to-deploy appliance that provides rock-solid security against network attacks. Veri-NAC only admits devices with a known MAC address onto your network. It can even detect and stop a machine trying to get in under a spoofed MAC address. It also checks to make sure each connected machine complies with your standards, including up-to-date operating system patches and port configurations. If a device has identified vulnerabilities, its user is locked out of the network except for the resources the user needs to bring the computer into compliance.

Veri-NAC defends your network where firewalls can’t—inside your network where 80% of all successful attacks originate. You might be thinking that something so powerful might be costly or confusing to operate. In reality, Veri-NAC works with your existing network and legacy infrastructure, so there’s no need for expensive upgrades. Plus, Veri-NAC requires no formal training and minimal installation time—there are no agents to install—so even organizations with a limited IT staff can easily add it to their network security plan without straining resources.

In December of 2009, SC Magazine gave Veri-Nac a five-star rating and later selected the appliance as one of the top 20 most influential IT security products in the last 20 years. Network Products Guide also awarded Veri-NAC the 2010 Product Innovation Award for Network Access Control (NAC).

For more information on this device, and network access control in general, check out or read the Veri-NAC brochure.


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