March spotlight: new products, research, promotions

Improve communications, productivity, and security by putting these new Black Box products to work for you:

ServView™ V Widescreen (KVT517A-8DV-WIDE): Enjoy at-the-rack access to multiple servers.

Swivel HDMI Cables (EVHDMI04-SS): Feeling squeezed? Use these cables for tight spaces behind A/V equipment.

MediaCento™ RF (AVX-VGA-RF): Use low-cost coax cabling to broadcast video and audio to one or more HDTV screens.

Coiled USB Cables (USB10): Connect USB flash drives, hard drives, printers, consoles, and other USB peripherals—neatly.

AlertWerks™ Environmental Monitoring (EME134A, EME1DC16, EME1X8): Monitor up to 600 Intelligent Sensors.

Industrial Wallmount Fiber Optic Panel (JPM4000A): Condensation a problem? Get this NEMA-rated wallmount fiber optic panel.


Vertical Jack Panels for Elite™ Cabinets (ECJACKPANEL46, ECJACKPANEL92): Mount a patch panel on the side of an Elite cabinet rail to save racking space.


Hardened BNC-Based Extender (LBNC300A): Economically extend Ethernet over coax wiring in harsh areas.


Be sure to check out our special on-line promotions before their expiration on March 31st, 2010. New white papers, catalogs, and case studies are available as well. To see our latest technical information visit


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