Top 25 year-end IT solutions for under $2500

Although the budget year might be winding down, chances are there are things you need for your data networks. Whether the problem is anything from not enough power outlet strips to struggling with how to eliminate crosstalk in crowded data centers, Black Box can assist you with your most pressing IT problems and help you get the most for every dollar. That’s why we have made a list of our top 25 year-end IT solutions for under $2500:

#25: Wireless Video Presentation System II

#24: 1U KVM Rackmount Tray

#23: Outlet Power Strip

#22: ServSwitch™ Micro with Audio

#21: Enhanced TCP/IP Terminal Servers

#20: 2 x 4 Channel Video Matrix Switch

#19: CAT6 Shielded Patch Panel

#18: Miniature Media Converters

#17: VGA Splitter Cable

#16: ServSwitch Secure with USB

#15: Professional Tool Kit

#14: LanScope Network Analyzer

#13: Ethernet Extender System

#12: Standard PSE Compact Media Converters

#11: High-Density Shielded Patch Panel

#10: Mini CAT5 VGA Extender Kit

#9: CAT5e Shielded 350-MHz Solid Bulk Cable

#8: Modular Fiber Switches

#7: Elite™ Server Cabinets

#6: CAT5e EZ-RJ45 Modular Plugs

#5: ServReach™ KVMCube KVMoIP

#4: AlertWerks™ II ServSensor Junior

#3: CAT6 400-MHz Shielded Solid Bulk Cable

#2: iCOMPEL™

#1: High-Speed Ethernet Extender Kit

You can also sign up for our free Federal IT Solutions e-catalog. In this downloadable mini catalog, you’ll find “shovel-ready” IT solutions that feature today’s must-have technologies, including one-box digital signage, bandwidth filtering and content management, biometric security, TEMPEST KVM switching, managed power controllers, environmental monitoring, 900-MHz wireless Ethernet extension, and much more.


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