Remote management of up to 16 or 32 servers over IP for two users

Don’t drop what you’re doing just to go reboot your servers. KVMoIP gives you convenience, cost savings, and control. With the ServReach™ KVMultiport, extend your keyboard, mouse, and video monitor signals over an IP network. One local user and two remote users can simultaneously troubleshoot, manage, configure and reboot servers from almost any location.
    • Increase productivity while reducing the significant costs of network service calls.
    • Access your target servers through the Internet, a LAN, a modem, or a local KVM station.
    • Place servers up to 100 feet (30.4m) from the switch.
    • Learn about the entire line of ServReach KVMoIP switches.
    • Control server rooms from anywhere with KVM over IP—learn how, by watching the video.
    • Save $125 when ordering the KVMultiport. Just use promo code P79.


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