New Veri-NAC Awarded Top Rating from SC Magazine

Preventing breaches from unauthorized connections and out-of-compliance devices should be crucial to any network. Our new network access control appliance, Veri-NAC™, can easily be added to any security plan without straining resources.

Additionally, the Veri-NAC appliance has earned five stars for features, ease of use, performance, documentation, support, value for money, and overall rating by the popular SC Magazine. Since 1989 SC Magazine has provided insightful information for all IT professionals. SC Magazine described Veri-NAC as, “A solid suite of hardcore NAC products with a clear focus on keeping unauthorized systems and users off the network. We give Veri-NAC our Recommended this month.” The magazine especially noted the high level of support that we offer. With full phone and email support 24/7/365 at no additional cost customers can also access us at anytime, anywhere.

For more information on the Veri-NAC product line, including an on-demand webinar and video software demonstrations, visit

Veri-NAC is a part of the growing Black Box family of security products, which also includes:

Optinet — A secure Web gateway that provides bandwidth shaping and content filtering, It enables control of Internet traffic with the ability to set appropriate policies and restrictions, and automatically enforce those policies.

Intelli-Pass — Highly secure biometric access control featuring unique two-part architecture for immunity from physical attacks, sniffing, and spoofing.

AlertWerks II — Environmental monitoring to guard mission-critical IT equipment against physical threats like water, fire and temperature extremes, plus optional video surveillance capabilities.


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