More products. More options.

Tough times demand tough products. That’s why we’re introducing 250 new products to our vast line of networking and communications solutions. Here are some of our newest products:

CAT5e and CAT6 Angled Patch Panels
Eliminate horizontal cable managers and save time—and money!

Elite™ Data and Server Cabinets
Custom enclosures without the custom price.

Optinet™ (Bandwidth Shaping/Content Filtering Appliance)
Eliminate non-work-related Internet use.

ServSwitch™ Brand CATx USB KVM Extender
Send high-resolution VGA video and USB signals over CAT5 or higher cable.

ServSwitch™ Brand Short-Range KVM Extenders
Enjoy high-quality video with this low-cost, short-distance extender.

USB to HD Pro Converter
Convert USB input to HDMI to play stored media on a big screen!

Gigabit PoE Media Converters
Link to faraway PoE devices over fiber.

Net Tone and Net Tone Plus Cable Tracers
Locate cable runs and test for continuity and voltage.

Wireless Video Presentation System II
Transform a wired projector into a high-end wireless one—and stream from a PDA.

You can find all of our new products at Questions? Reach us anyway you want—anytime: 724-746-5500 or e-mail


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