How to protect fiber terminations in damp environments

Protecting fiber terminations in damp environments such as basements and entrance facilities can be a challenge. Many cabinets don’t protect against dust and other harmful elements. You need special features, such as water tight cable openings and a rubber gasket around the door. These features prevent condensation and splashing water, as well as dirt and dust, from contaminating fiber terminations. Dirt, dust and water leakage can permanently damage your sensitive electronics requiring you to repair or replace an expensive cabinet.

The NEMA-4 Rated Fiber Optic Wallmount Enclosure (part # JPM4000A) can accommodate two fiber optic trunk cables and can hold up to four fiber adapter panels. The cabinet consists of four water-tight cable openings which prevent condensation and moisture from entering the enclosure. It also includes an area to mount a splicing tray. For security, the cabinet features a hex nut security lock. The cabinet can easily be mounted on solid surfaces, such as cinder block walls. It also includes cable management rings, cable ties, and ID stickers.


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