Easy, wireless access to a projector presentation

Ever need multiple PC or Mac® laptop users—or even mobile PDA users—to be able to stream video and audio from right where they sit? And lugging your own laptop to a meeting can be difficult.

The new Wireless Video Presentation System II (AC1131A) from Black Box gives you an easy and inexpensive way to make any VGA projector wireless. It allows participants to stream video and audio from right where they sit. This eliminates the need for users to plug and unplug cables at the projector when they want to switch presenters. Also, when traveling, extra luggage is stressful, but it also drains your wallet. Save your clients and co-workers the money and energy of dragging an extra bag on a business trip. Because the Wireless VPS II is compatible with mobile PDA devices, it is an extremely valuable resource for sales presentations, educators, and various project leaders.

To share information, you just log in to the system from a PDA and begin streaming images through a conference room projector for everyone to see. Even better, the system supports 4-to-1 split-screen projection, so up to four users’ screens can be projected through a single projector at the same time, which is great for meeting collaboration or classroom training applications.

The Wireless VPS II supports distances up to 300 feet, so it’s ideal for large conferences and lecture halls. Plus, the system works as a wireless access point, so laptop users can even access and stream information from the Internet or a wireless LAN.

The Wireless VPS II attaches directly to any device with a VGA port and communicates with any computer with 802.11b/g capabilities within its range. The system comes with a “plug-and-show” token that lessens setup time for meeting participants. Simply plug the token into a computer’s USB port and, in a matter of seconds, you can be wirelessly projecting your screen through a projector. Presentations have never been so easy!


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