Black Box Video Tutorials! How to Select a Cabinet and Rack

You’ve done your homework choosing your latest servers; now it’s time to choose a cabinet to put them in, one that’ll give you ample security, equipment access, and airflow. Shopping for a cabinet isn’t something you do every day. Educate yourself on how to pick the right cabinet by watching a free on-line video from Black Box. “How to Pick a Cabinet” explains how to choose a cabinet for your environment, such as NEMA-rated models for varying degrees of equipment protection in indoor and outdoor areas, as well as enclosures for crowded rooms.

With plenty of visual aids and graphics to illustrate, the video also covers the differences between types of mounting rails; what you’ll need for extra-deep equipment mounting and effective cable management; and how to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. Other video tutorials available at explain what to look for in a CAT5e and CAT6 channel solution, as well as how to get started with digital signage and how to set up remote server access with the latest KVM-over-IP technologies.

Also want objective advice on how to choose a rack for your particular needs? Then check out the new on-line Tips for Techs video from Black Box that is available for viewing. To watch, just select “How to Pick a Rack.” This educational video shows step by step how to go about picking a 2-post or 4-post rack for various applications and types of equipment mounting. The video tutorial also discusses common rack measurements and how to select a rack for a tight space, such as a cramped wiring closet or narrow corridor. It also covers: extensive cable management and common rack accessories; and what you need to mount, secure, and ground equipment.


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