Black Box Provides Wireless VGA Video

Ever have to get up and interrupt an important presentation just because you needed to swap cables in and out of the projector? There’s a new tool to make delivering presentations even easier. To plan a projector-run presentation without dealing with all the cables, check out Black Box’s new 802.11b/g system that lets up to 254 wireless laptop users access a VGA projector from up to 200 feet away.

The Wireless VGA Video Presentation System (VPS) (part # AC1130A), a network-ready, single-box device that attaches directly to any SVGA or WXGA projector and communicates with any Windows® PC with Wi-Fi® card capabilities, enabling up to 254 users to access a projector presentation wirelessly.

Because of its 200-foot range, this system is ideal for use in large rooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls where users are stationed far from a projector. Other systems only communicate at 30 feet maximum, which isn’t far at all—especially if it’s in one of the larger halls where the projector’s up in the ceiling.

The system supports both wired and wireless connections and can be attached directly to a LAN as well as the Internet. It has a built-in DHCP server and supports static IP configuration. With a DSL or cable modem plugged into its RJ-45 port, the system enables laptop users to wirelessly link to the Web—great for training a class on Web-based applications and for allowing participants to stream intranet or Internet content to a projector from their laptops. In addition to a projector, the system can also be connected to any LCD or plasma display with a VGA port.

Say good-bye to running multiple cables to and from your VGA projector and hello to trouble-free presentations.


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