Professional Network Testing Solutions Catalog

To properly
maintain and troubleshoot today’s hybrid and multimedia networks, IT
professionals must be versed in a wide variety of troubleshooting techniques
and technologies. Our new specialty catalog, Professional Network Testing Solutions, aims at helping IT
professionals find the test equipment they need to maintain today’s complex
data networks.

32-page guide provides a comprehensive overview of testing options, pro tips,
best practices, and product solutions. In addition, includes an assortment of
copper and fiber test equipment needed for troubleshooting hybrid and
multimedia networks. The featured cover product is the one-of-a-kind F3X
Fiber Fault Finder Gun (F3X),
which enables users to point and shoot to
detect leaks, breaks, and bends in fiber cable, even in aerial lines.
Technicians can use it on indoor and outdoor fiber lines, even in bright

advanced Gigabit network testing and analysis, IT pros can use the new LanScope
Network Analyzer
. It offers functionality typically found only in much
higher-priced test equipment, making it a standout for 10/100/1000BASE-T, VoIP,
and PoE testing.

For testing
basic CAT6 networks, the catalog includes the new LAN
Solution GB Network Tester Kit
. It provides complete cable testing
functions as well as PoE capabilities. To locate cable runs and test for
continuity and voltage, the catalog features the new Net Tone
with PoE capabilities, as well as traditional tones and probes. 

For fiber
cable, the catalog features new equipment for basic to advanced field testing,
including basic and deluxe light
and power
plus a pen-style
light source

For a free copy of the Professional
Network Testing Solutions
catalog, call 724-746-5500 or visit
for the interactive e-catalog.


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