Digitize and optimize multiple analog video formats for display on an HDMI screen

There’s no need to buy a bunch of devices to convert, scale, and switch inputs when routing analog video signals to a digital display. Not when you can do it all with one multi-input, multifunction box.

Featuring five distinct video inputs, the Multi-Format AV to HDMI Switching HD Scaler makes it easy to convert and scale various video formats for digital HDMI output.

Scale analog PC (VGA), Component (YPbPr), Composite, and S-Video input for digital display at a number of different resolutions on a newer HDMI-compatible LCD or plasma screen. You can also reformat HDMI video input for output on another HDMI display at another resolution.

Advanced video scaling gives you crisp, clear video output. An adaptive 3D comb filter, providing 3D motion and 3D de-interlacing, ensures a jitter-free picture, and reverse 3:2/2:2 pulldown provides crisp and clear de-interlacing of video originating from 24-fps film, such as DVD movies.

Great for a number of professional AV applications Because this product also enables you to switch scaled digital output to any of the AV inputs, it’s particularly ideal for broadcast studio and digital signage control applications.

Use the HD scaler to switch and route video and audio signals from a mix of old and new source equipment. Connect a PC, VCR, DVD player, and a satellite set-top box to the scaler for output to an LCD or a plasma screen, a digital video projector, or any other HDMI-compliant device. It also simplifies the connection of multiple analog video devices to a display with just one HDMI port.
Additionally, scaled video can be mirrored horizontally (via an X-axis flip function), so you can also use the scaler with rear-projection or teleprompt systems. Easy to use and optimize for clear video output.
Control switching one of three ways: using the scaler’s illuminated front-panel push buttons, the included IR remote controller, or through an RS-232 console plugged into the scaler’s rear serial port.

On-screen menus make it easy to program and control the Multi-Format AV to HDMI Switching HD Scaler. Not only can you set output resolution and aspect ratio (standard, 16:9, or 4:3), but also optimize video brightness, color, contrast, sharpness, and tint for the room or application.Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support at 1-877-877-2269 for an expert in less than 20 seconds.


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