New coiled cables make neater equipment connections

Do you have tangled and unsightly hanging cables in conference rooms in lobbies? Tidy-up those cables with the new coiled HDMI and USB cables. These cables are designed to make neater equipment connections on walls, counters, display stands, and desks.

The Coiled HDMI Cable (EVHDMI05) is well-suited for use with wall-mounted TVs, displays, and monitors. The Coiled USB Cable (USB10) makes desktop peripheral connections much tidier. Both make much cleaner connections for point-of-sale displays, directional signage, informational displays, and even home theaters.

The HDMI cables feature male/male HDMI connectors and can be used with DVD players, set-top boxes, and other digital audio/visual equipment. The USB 2.0 cables feature one Type A male and one Type B male connector and can be used with USB hard drives, printers, consoles, and other peripherals. To learn more go to and


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