February Spotlight: New Products, Resources, and Promotions

Put new technologies to work for you and improve communications, productivity and security with these new Black Box products:

F3X Fiber Fault Finder Gun: Be a fiber spy and find fiber faults in seconds. Just point and shoot to detect leaks in your network.

SpaceGAIN Angled Patch Panels: Eliminate horizontal cable managers and save time—and money!

DVI-D Matrix Switch: Easily route video from multiple DVI sources to multiple DVI display devices.

PCI-Fiber Adapter: Bring fiber-based Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop. 

MediaCento IP Audio/Video: Use a LAN or qualified WAN to extend HD-quality digital signage content.

Gigabit PoE Media Converter: Link to faraway PoE devices over multimode fiber.

Lanscope Network Analyzer: Perform advanced Gigabit network and cable testing affordably.

Fusion Splicer with Core Alignment: Get free calibration for three years with this economically smart splicer.

LanTest Pro GB Cable Tester Kit: Enjoy the benefits of a high-end cable tester and an easy-to-use Gigabit and PoE tester—all in one device.

ServView KVM Drawer with Wide Screen 19″ LCD: Manage your servers with a streamlined package—and a wide screen.

Save BIG with our on-line promotions which have been extended until March 31st, 2010. Also check out the latest technical information in our FREE resource library.


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