Thinking “Out-Of-The-Box:” Black Box’s iCOMPEL

According to a new study by Arbiton, Inc., which is posted on Digital Signage Today, approximately 65% of Americans have seen a digital out-of-home (OOH) video display in the past month. More than 70% of those who remember seeing a digital video display noticed seeing them in several public venues. Digital signage gets results. Whether you use it to increase sales, cross-sell, upsell, or to improve communications, it’s a smart investment. Digital signage has become an effective way of delivering the right message at the right time. Businesses and organizations of all sizes in every vertical are seeing a very quick ROI.

New media appliances, players, and extenders make digital signage more affordable and easier to set up. So we’ve expandedour line of digital signage products to help businesses more affordably and economically market to and reach their customers. Generating the most industry buzz, is iCOMPEL™ (part #s AC4000A, AC4001A, AC4002A, AC4003A, AC4004A, and AC4005A), Black Box’s new family of browser-based, networked digital signage appliances. iCOMPEL gives everyone from new users to system integrators a highly affordable, right out of the box way to set up, create, and manage digital signage.

The iCOMPEL is ideal for any size user. You can have one unit in one location or thousands of units playing different content around the globe. Its advanced features and functionality are typically found on very high-end systems. There are professionally designed layouts, easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools, and a whole host of other features. Plus, there are no ongoing licensing fees, all the software is included, and updates are free.

As with all Black Box products, the iCOMPEL is backed by free, live, 24/7 technical support, available in 20 seconds or less. Custom build-outs to create digital signage are no longer needed, which drastically opens up this technology to a variety of users. iCOMPEL takes the “gotchas” out of digital signage by eliminating recurring licensing and software fees, and by being an easy, all-in-one solution to signage. Additionally, the iCOMPEL units support many media formats. Users can combine video or live TV with scrolling text, photos, Flash, and Web content, and manage them via a browser from any PC or Mac® on a WAN.


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